Pawns in an evil game- written by Tricia Schwitzer

Wicked are those who rob the livelihoods of the very people that they claim to help and no less shameful is their total distortion of the truth. They claim that theirs is a just cause rooted firmly in a desire to secure human rights for the oppressed. They spout platitudes about the victimization of the underdog, and yet it is them – these architects of BDS campaigns, who consistently call out the one and only Jewish state as the sole target for their evil agenda. It is they who are playing the racist card so expertly. It is they who by bully tactics are practising their own unique brand of apartheid by singling out Israel and steadfastly ignoring all manner of human rights abuses by larger, Jew-free countries in the region and around the world.

One can easily argue that boycotting Israeli goods is impossible. Israeli ingenuity has an imprint on virtually anything and everything of use to us on this planet and beyond because Israeli ingenuity is far-reaching. But, even in its absurdity, the consequence of this thinly veiled hate-fest against Israel is indisputable.

Let’s take SodaStream for example. The eco-friendly bubbly soft drink dispenser for home use has been the target of aggressive international pressure from the BDS hounds, for some years now. Following this unwarranted pressure, SodaStream was forced to close its plant in the Mishor Adumim Industrial Zone in Judea and relocate to a new factory in the Negev. Hailed as a total victory for the BDS camp, there was no mention of the 500 Palestinians who lost their jobs in the interim as a result of the BDS bullying tactics.

These proud conscientious Palestinians who had worked side by side with their 350 Jewish Israeli and 450 Arab-Israeli colleagues in total harmony and who enjoyed the same elevated wages (almost 500% higher than the average paid by Palestinian authorities) and generous social security benefits were suddenly thrown into an economic wasteland, caused by the very same activists who claim to be working for their benefit.

Did the BDS camp cry for them as they picked up their final paycheck and hugged their workmates with tear-stained farewells? No. SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum cried for them. He was sorry, actually heartbroken, to be forced to let them go from his company, which had been applauded as a ‘model of integration’ and held up as a justly fine example of co-existence.

Now, with the final closure of the factory, the remaining 64 Palestinian workers mourn the loss of employment, salary and benefits and the Jewish workmates with whom they enjoyed close and warm relations. Again, there were tears, but not from the BDS camp.

The pushers of BDS do not concern themselves with the agony of the people. They concern themselves only with mud-slinging – and only slinging that mud at Israel.

The scurrilous perpetrators of BDS have excelled themselves this time. What they hail as a victory has caused even more misery and economic hardship for a people already crushed by Hamas, their own malevolent government; a government whose mission is not to build a healthy Palestinian State but to wipe out the Jewish State.


Had the BDS camp really cared for the plight of Gazans it would have turned on Hamas, the despotic god that keeps its people lean and desperate. It would have exposed the true agenda of a government that promotes incitement and hatred and breeds fear and insecurity in its own people. It would take issue with the gross misappropriation of foreign aid into terrorist activity and call for change for the good of the economic, social and educational needs of the people of Gaza. It would call for an uprising, not against Israel but against Hamas.  It would empower the people and strengthen the ‘Palestinian cause’. Yeah right, as if…

So who is being victimized here? The Jews, of course. Israel bears the brunt of BDS hostility but the Palestinians are no less pawns in the evil game.


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  1. So true. BDS is an organization with an ideology based on hate and destruction. It seeks to implement its ideology by means of spreading anarchy while disregarding the people whose lives they ruin in the process. Their racist actions deny these poor people to make something of their lives.

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